Auctions and auction terminology at Auction Ads

Auction Ads invites the readers to check out its free online auction glossary of terms to learn, the different auction glossary and keywords used by the auctioneers in the auction industry will help the customers get a clearer view on things. The reference material covers many different keywords starting with the letter A to the letter Z. Interested individuals may get lucky when they do decide to participate in the auctions and bidding on the auctioned equipment.

The auction terms has terms such as Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate (AARE). Someone can be designated with AARE from the NAA Education Institute. This professional designation is only given to auctioneers who are qualified for real estate auctions. They must meet the specific standards for their education and experience to qualify. Afterward, the auctioneer must follow a strict code of ethics to maintain their designation. Initially, the auctioneer must create a written summary report of the auction, finish 42 hours of training, and host 10 auctions at least. Once they have the designation, the auctioneer must receive 24 hours of continuing education from the NAA Education Institute every three years.

The Appraisal Foundation is a non-profit that was created by the appraisal profession in1987. It seeks to advance professional valuation by fostering professionalism among appraisers. This organization was authorized by the United States Congress to set appraiser qualifications and appraisal standards. The apprentice auctioneer is used when an individual wants to become an auctioneer. They must undergo training and experience and trains under a licensed auctioneer until they can get their license.

The online site is also a platform to list the names of companies in the Company directory and gain additional traffic and leads visitors to the company’s website. Hosting an auction requires a collaborative effort and in the company directory, it acts as a go-to resource for companies and auctioneers who wish to host their next auction.

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